Do you want to know what simple tricks will reduce the fuel consumption of your car?

1️. The most banal, but also the most effective advice is to keep an eye on the technical condition of your car. Even a flat tire leads to excessive fuel consumption, to say nothing of more serious malfunctions.⠀

2️. The calmer and smoother you drive the car, the slower the needle of the fuel level gauge drops. Hard acceleration and hard braking significantly increase fuel consumption.

3️. There is bad news for tuning enthusiasts: body kits, larger wheels, as well as individual tuning elements that increase aerodynamic drag also reduce fuel economy.
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4️. And this advice, of course, is difficult to implement in modern conditions, but still ... try to choose a route and time so as not to get stuck in traffic jams.
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5️. Refuel only at proven gas stations, the quality of the fuel also affects its consumption. ⠀ ⠀