Today we will talk about how to preserve the heart of our car - its engine.

Proper maintenance and attention to detail can greatly extend the life of an engine. Here are some proven tips to help your engine run like a charm:

Regular oil and filter changes
Don't forget to change the oil and filters on time. It's like blood and lungs for your engine! Check and replace them according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Warm start
Give the engine some time to warm up, especially in cold weather. This reduces wear and increases service life.

Avoid aggressive driving
Hard starts, quick stops and high speeds can accelerate engine wear. Try to accelerate and brake at the same time.

Fill with quality fuel
Avoid using cheap or low-quality fuel. It may contain compounds that impair engine performance and accelerate engine wear.

Use the appropriate gear
Cars with a manual transmission should not be driven at high speeds in a low gear - strong vibrations occur and the engine takes more time and effort to accelerate. Although this advice is obvious, there are many people who like to “drive in low gear”!