The most common troubles that await those who like to set the temperature of the air conditioner in the car to a minimum are colds, pain in the neck and back, and if you are not at all lucky, then pneumonia.

Today it is more relevant than ever, agree?

Doctors have named 5 main rules that will help you "make friends" with the air conditioner:

1. Get in the habit of airing your car before driving. 2-3 minutes is enough for the concentration of harmful and by the way carcinogenic substances in the air that the heated plastic emits to drop to safe numbers.

2. Do not rush to set the air conditioner to a minimum. The optimal difference between the temperature in the car and on the street is 6-8 degrees. Remember, a runny nose, cough and other delights of a cold do not arise from the cold, but from a temperature difference. Sat under the air conditioner sweaty - expect trouble.

3. Do not point direct airflow at yourself, especially on your face. Firstly, inflammation of the facial nerve is another adventure. And secondly, the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes dry out under the influence of air flow from the air conditioner and become an ideal target for viruses and bacteria. Hence one more point.

4. All air conditioners dry the air. What this can lead to, we have already found out. If the humidifier in the room copes with this, then in the car it is enough just to periodically open the window.

5. Change the air filter in a timely manner. So that along with the conditioned air you do not have to inhale all the dirt that has accumulated in it.

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All health!