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Tow truck
Vehicle impoundment in case of an accident or any breakdown that cannot be eliminated on the spot. In the event of a serious accident on the road, after which the car needs to be transported from the accident site to a service station or storage location, a tow truck service is usually required. We will carry out all the necessary measures to transport the car to its destination. Vehicle impoundment can be implemented in two ways: Fully loading – when the vehicle is fully positioned on the platform. This is possible if the gearbox is not damaged and it is possible to put it in a neutral position, as well in case the wheels are not damaged. Partial loading – when the vehicle is not fully positioned on the platform, it is raised and secured to the tow truck stand by the front or rear wheels. This method is used in case of damaged or blocked wheels, as well as damaged steering. Any types of platforms for all kinds of light motor vehicles. Professional equipment, safety guarantee. When evacuating a car, we will also provide a transfer for the driver. The cost of providing tow truck services outside the city consists of the cost of providing the service and the cost of leaving the tow truck outside the city (along the highway) - 10,000 soums per 1 km