Starting the engine with discharged accumulator unit
Starting the engine with a discharged battery
Like fuel control, battery charge control requires the driver's constant attention. The battery in the car is one of the key elements, because it is he who is responsible for ensuring the operability of the entire electrical system of the car. There are three main causes of a completely discharged battery: - use of the radio, air conditioner, lighting devices with the engine off; - the battery life is coming to an end; - technical breakdown. - As a rule, when the battery is dead, motorists resort to the procedure of “lighting up” a car from the battery of a second car. However, with an incorrect approach, everything can end sadly: starting from the discharge of the battery on the donor machine and ending with problems with the electronics on both machines. To start the engine with a discharged battery, use the services of professionals. All LiTRO roadside assistance vehicles are equipped with professional equipment, our technicians will arrive at the place as soon as possible and charge the battery without harm to the car. The cost of providing services outside the city consists of the cost of providing the service and the cost of the master leaving the city (along the highway) - 10 000 soums per 1 km.