Delivery of fuel*
Fuel supply*
Fuel delivery is one of the technical assistance services that the car owners sometimes need so much. There are various situations when the driver suddenly runs out of fuel in the car: in a traffic jam, when it was not possible to get to the nearest gas station quickly, or, for example, when someone drained the fuel from the gasoline tank at night and the car cannot move. In such situations the fuel delivery service is the optimal solution for the driver. Contact LiTRO and our technicians will supply fuel on the following terms: - gasoline or diesel fuel from reliable and proven gas stations only - the technical assistance vehiclе's arrival time will not exceed 30 minutes - gasoline payment is carried out on the basis of a fiscal receipt from a gas station In addition, in our company you can order the delivery of any technical fluids necessary for refilling the car: antifreeze, oil, washer, etc. The cost of providing services outside the city consists of the cost of providing services and the cost of serviceman travel outside the city (on the highway) - 10 000 sum per 1 km.